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Your Skin

There are different types of skin, we could say there are five types. Normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Normal skin, is obviously not oily nor dry skin. It is basically in between and could be a rare type. The skin would not be shiny and not dry or dead skin. It usually has fewer fine lines or wrinkles and so the skin tone would be even. However, normal skin does not mean you are not vulnerable to any skin disorders. You are in need to keep hydrated. Serum and Hydra would definitely make a change when used daily and would help in shining the skin, moisturizing, protecting and many more. Oily Skin is when the skin is shiny, and one would probably need to deal with bad acne breakouts. Oily Skin could be the reason for genetic or hormonal changes. MEDEE Serums and Hydra creams could help in fighting lines and marks and brightening your skin. Also, MEDEE serum consist of vitamin c which is a light peeling agent. Dry skin is a skin type in which the skin produces less sebum than normal skin type and because of that lipids is insufficient in order to retain moisture and building a protective shield against external influences is difficult. You would feel less elastic, dull and rough complexion, with pores and visible lines. Now that dry skin need hydration it is clearly in need for serums and hydration creams to protect the skin from dehydration. Marks and lines and wrinkles are strongly reduced by time and MEDEE serums and hydration creams are solutions to many problems for dry skin. Combination Skin. Some areas are oily while other areas are flaking. T-zone area is always delicate for combination skin type people (forehead, nose and chin area). MEDEE Hyaluronic acid and serums are very beneficial for combination skin type of people. The reason for that is that it locks-in moisture without adding excess oil. Serums are very effective for the skin because it delivers many vitamins and antioxidants to the skin. Serums are water based and it is easily bind to the skin. Sensitive Skin is obviously the most delicate skin. It could exhibit the different types of dry skin, combination and oily skin. However, it is vulnerable to redness and irritation easily. Eczema and Psoriasis is more probably caused by sensitive skin. Many causes happen because of sensitive skin, such as the environment, weather, hormones and genetics and many more. MEDEE Hydration creams keeps your sensitive skin more moisture, comfortable and protected. With the serum, delivering many vitamins and antioxidants binding easily. Essential nutrients will work under the skin and is fascinating to what could do to the skin.