Non greasy and non-comedogenic texture due to its light creamy touch which is very important for our region’s women who mostly have oily/combined skin in contrast to women who have a more dry skin type. Moreover, it is hypoallergic due to free paraben property. MEDEE HYDRA is used to skin soothing and smoothing. It contains powerful emollients and humectants clinically proven to bind water to skin. The non-greasy formula does not occlude pores and non-comedogenic property. Many products contain either emollients or humectants, but MEDEE HYDRA contains both. Emollients are occlusive agents: substances that provide a layer of protection that helps prevent moisture (water) loss from the skin. On the other hand, humectants typically draw water to the skin from two different places: they can draw water from a humid environment, and they enhance water absorption from the outer layer of skin. Apply it to clean skin multiple times throughout the day and night on face and neck. The more you apply, the best results you will obtain. Your skin needs soothing especially after using the facial cleansers or make up removal products. It is recommended to apply it after using anti-aging serums like MEDEE SERUM. Clean hands very well before using the serum in order to avoid any germs transfer from hands to face.



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