Due to the skin colour type of women in some regions, they are highly in risk for hyperpigmentation. Solution always come either from (hydroquinone) which is not always safe. So that best solutions come from natural effective ingredients like Vitamin C which is safe and clinically proven for bleaching and antiaging. What our laboratories made is that they developed a serum with light texture, hypo-allergic and a high-quality finish. Regarding concentrations, it is a low concertation where you can start with more choices for people who can tolerate higher concentrations. The container is ideal for vitamin C stability (dark-non transparent bottle, white to reflect light. The bottle’s material is non interactive with the vitamin C. MEDEE SERUM bottle’s airless pump prevents oxygen oxidation of vitamin C). MEDEE SERUM contains most essential antioxidant agents: Vitamin C has an anti-aging, whitening effect and provides skin shine; Vitamins E maintains skin young, while Vitamin A is a clarifying agent. Finally, hyaluronic acid provides skin smoothing. In order to get a perfect skin, result it is important to use this product regularly. However, this does not exclude your dermatologist advise. Vitamin C concentration in MEDEE SERUM is 10%. Apply daily once or twice on face and neck. It can be applied after using derma roller as it will give a better quality of absorption. Always use a clean derma roller 30-10 minutes before applying the serum. It is recommended to clean hands throughout before using the serum to avoid any germs transfer from hands to face.

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